Biodata Diri (Tugas Perilkon)

Nama : Michelle Leonie Christianti

NIM: F24150001

Kelas: Jumat 13.00-16.30 B1-C2



Curriculum Vitae

My full name is Michelle Leonie Christianti, but usually my friends call me Michelle. I was born 20 years ago in Bandarlampung on 31st of December 1997. I graduated from 2 Senior High School Bandarlampung in 2015. My hobbies are reading, travelling, cooking, and eating. My skills and capabilities are mostly something that related with logical skills and critical thinking but i’m lack in sports. Also  I can operate microsoft office such as excel, word, powerpoint well enough. Now I am studying in Department Food Science and Technology, Faculty of Agricultural Technology Bogor Agricultural University. Now I’m in my third year in this university. The reason why i choose Bogor Agricultural University to continue my study because when i was in my second year of my Senior High School life i joined a competition which is called Lomba Cepat Tepat Ilmu Pangan that was held by Himpunan Mahasiswa Ilmu dan Teknologi Pangan. At that time i realized that food is one of the most important things in this world. As long as humans can’t do photosynthesis like plants do, the bachelors of food science and technology are needed. So at that time i changed my dream from to be an engineer of mining become a food technologist. My goals that i must achieve while i am studying in Bogor Agricultural Univeristy are i want to join exchange student program (AIMS) to Japan and i want to graduate with cumlaude predicate. After that i want to be able to continue my study with LPDP programin USA or work in multinational food company.

In Indonesia and other South East Asia Countries nowadays in one family there are might be people with deficiency of nutrition and people with excess of nutrition. When i graduate later besides that i want to be a successful food scientist in food industry,  i want to make a product that can be sold with affordable price by all people from all society and contains all the nutritions that are needed by people. I want this product can be a solution of that problem that i said above. So this product canS be eaten by obese people as much as they want without making them to be more fat again, and in the other way this product can be eaten too by malnutrition people. So to be a successfull food technologist in food industry is not an easy mission right, moreover food industries nowadays are growing rapidly. This thing will make the competition between food technologist or food scientist become more strict.  So besides that i must have knowledge in food and nutrition, i must have an extra point to make food product that can be sold well in market. That’s why i want to learn Concumer’s behaviour, this course can help me to figure out what people think, behaviour, and their wanting of a food product, so in the future i want to make people being satisfied while they are eating my product.


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